Provincetown Aquasports address is 333R Commercial St.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  The R in 333R stands for REAR.  333R Commercial street is actually directly behind The Squealing Pig restaurant.  The Squealing Pig is 335 Commercial St.  You must walk down Freeman street behind The Squealing Pig to get to Provincetown Aquasports.  Freeman street is between Lands End Marine Supply and The Squealing Pig.  The pinpointed location on the map.

Parking is available using metered spaces on Commercial St.  Public parking lots are available on the Macmillan Pier or on Bradford St.

Pick up and delivery is available right at the store.  Turn left from Commercial St. onto Freeman St.  Pull up to the kayaks at Provincetown Aquasports.  This is our loading and unloading area.