Nat’l Seashore Kayak Tour

Enjoy one of our Guided Kayak Tours within the boundaries of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Herring Cove Salt Marsh.  Two 2 hour tours daily.  Earlier times are for when the tide is coming in.  Later times are as the tide rolls out.  Space is limited.

7-13-21 Salt Marsh

7-11-21 View from the launch

View of the Salt Marsh from the Breakwater

5-30-21 Sunset high tide at the Herring Cove Salt Marsh

5-31-21 National Seashore Salt Marsh Tour

Winding Tidal Rivers of the Salt Marsh

Agnes setting up for the tour!

Tide coming in. 6-7-21

Tide coming in 6-12-21

Morning tide 6-13-21

8am National Seashore Kayak Tour 6-20-21