Paddle Board & Kayak Rentals and Delivery

Renting a kayak or paddle board in Provincetown is made simple by Provincetown Aquasports.  Provincetown is one of the most interesting vacation destinations in North America.  Best of all Provincetown is surrounded by water!  Provincetown has many vacation rental properties.  What would be more convienent then making a call or clicking on the links below and having your kayak or paddle board delivered to your door or beach.  Delivery of equipment requires a 1 day minimum rental.  Planning a beach day to Herring Cove Beach?  Rent a kayak or paddle board and have it delivered to your beach towel.  Maybe you are adventerous and want to explore Hatches Harbor.  Hatches Harbor is one of the most secluded tidal ponds on all of Cape Cod.  Hatches Harbor is located in the very tip of Cape Cod and is part of the protected National Seashore.  Plan for around high tide and Provincetown Aquasports will make your delivery.  Herring Cove South area is also a very beautiful tidal pond.  This beautiful salt marsh has many unique areas.  Tidal rivers that wind through sea grass are just waiting to be explored by you.  Race Point Beach is a popular destination in Provincetown.  Race Point Beach is a very secluded location in Provincetown.  Provincetown Aquasports will deliver to the Race Point Beach parking lot.  Two trucks are standing by at all times making sure that Provincetown Aquasports can be prompt and punctual.  Just a call or a click and you will be enjoying Provincetown by water with ease.

There are 3 ways to rent a kayak or paddle board in Provincetown from Provincetown Aquasports.

1.  Delivery service.  Call 508-413-9563 or click the “BOOK NOW” to make your reservation.  We will bring your kayak rental or SUP board rental to your location at the precise time you reserve.  Then we will return and pick up your rental at the specified time.  There is a minimum of a 1 full day rental for this service.  Delivery to Provincetown, Truro is $20 in each direction for pick up and drop off.  The rest of Cape Cod $30 each direction.

2.  Bring your vehicle to Provincetown Aquasports.  Our experienced staff will load the SUP or kayak rental on your vehicle and secure properly.  Then you can drive to your favorite location and enjoy your rental craft.  There is no minimum for this rental.  We rent and sell straps at the store.  You MUST have or rent straps for the kayak or paddle board transportation.  NO BUNGIE CORDS!

3.  Come to Provincetown Aquasports and paddle your craft to your location in Provincetown.  Provincetown Aquasports has a convienent location on the water in the center of Provincetown.  There is no minimum for this rental.  Enjoy and have fun!

Recommended destinations to paddle in Provincetown

Race Point Beach                       Herring Cove South                Hatches Harbor

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