Beach Accessories | Boating of Provincetown, MA

If you are lucky enough to live near a lake or the ocean and have the opportunity to go boating, don’t forget to bring the right beach accessories to make your outing as fun and enjoyable as possible.  If you plan on cruising around for the day and perhaps anchoring near a beach for a few hours, remember to bring things that will make your life easier.

Bring foldable beach chairs, beach mats, and an umbrella to shade against the hot sun.  Of course, sunscreen, bug spray, hats, and sunglasses are a must.  Bring adequate water and an insulated cooler for rehydration and snacks.  If you are on a sandy beach, put all your carry-on items in a waterproof and sand-proof beach bag or backpack.  Good sturdy deck shoes, sandals, or water shoes are a must for slippery, hot, or rocky surfaces.

If you have little ones, bring along some fun beach accessories such buckets, shovels and cups for building sandcastles.  If you are near calm water, bring out the snorkels, goggles, and fins.   Once back on the boat, you may want to tow the kids around in an inflatable raft or inner tube.  Also, don’t forget the fishing rod and reel if you enjoy fishing.

Lastly, to enjoy your boating experience to the max, keep the cell phone and laptop at home.  If you do want to bring your cell phone buy a cell phone dry bag.  This little device is very user friendly.  Simply slide your cell phone in the bag, and lock the waterproof seal.  The device is water tight.  The best part is you can use your cell phone in the dry bag.  The bag has a clear front so you can use your touch screen.  Text message and talk on the phone with ease.  The back side of the bag has a clear section designed for the camera on your phone.  Take pictures and never worry about dropping your phone in the water!  Finally this dry bag has a lanyard and hangs from your neck for easy use.  Enjoy the sun, sand, and water instead.

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