Kayak & Paddle Board Rentals and Delivery

Looking for kayak rentals in Truro or paddle board rentals in Truro MA?  Look no further than Provincetown Aquasports.  Starting in 2013 Provincetown Aquasports started offering kayak rentals and SUP board rentals in Truro.  There is many private and public beaches in Truro in which to paddle.  Truro has dozens of beach resort hotels and cottages.  Wide sand beaches line both the Cape Cod Bay side and Atlantic Ocean side of Truro.  Maybe you want to kayak or paddle board on Pilgrim Lake (a.k.a.) East Harbor.  There is multiple kayak and paddle board launch sites just off High Head rd.  A great spot to go is Corn Hill Beach.  Easily launch and paddle Cape Cod Bay while enjoying the beautiful views from Corn Hill.  The favorite would be Pamet Harbor.  Paddling the wind protected water of Pamet Harbor is amazing.  Wind your way through the rivers in the salt marshes.  This is a truly breath taking experience.  What better way to discover new places and see sights than on a kayak rental or paddle board rental.   Rent a kayak from Provincetown Aquasports and be your own pioneer exploring remote areas only reached on a non motorized craft.  Provincetown Aquasports has a delivery service and will deliver your kayak or paddle board to your home, hotel or even your favorite beach spot.  Renting a kayak or paddle board is one of the best ways to get in touch with Cape Cod.

There are 3 ways to rent a kayak or paddle board in Truro from Provincetown Aquasports.

1.  Delivery service.  Call 508-413-9563 or click the “BOOK NOW” to make your reservation.  We will bring your kayak rental or SUP board rental to your location at the precise time you reserve.  Then we will return and pick up your rental at the specified time.  There is a minimum of a 1 full day rental for this service.  Delivery is an additional $20 in each direction for pick up and drop off.

2.  Bring your vehicle to Provincetown Aquasports.  Our experienced staff will load the SUP or kayak rental on your vehicle and secure properly.  Then you can drive to your favorite location and enjoy your rental craft.  There is no minimum for this rental.  We rent and sell straps here at the store.  You MUST have or rent straps for the kayak or paddle board transportation.  NO BUNGIE CORDS!

3.  Come to Provincetown Aquasports and paddle your craft to your location in Truro and enjoy the beautiful Cape Cod Bay.  There is no minimum for this rental.  Enjoy and have fun!

Recommended destinations for your kayak rental or SUP board rental in Truro

EAST HARBOR                                     CORN HILL BEACH                     PAMET HARBOR

Kayaking East Harbor Truro Kayak rental Corn HillPaddle board rental Pamet Harbor