Rent a Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board

Provincetown Aquasports is proud to announce a great service for kayak rentals in Wellfleet and paddle board rentals in Wellfleet.  If you are in Wellfleet for a day, a few days, a week or even more time take a look at the kayak and paddle board rental services offered by Provincetown Aquasports.  Wellfleet is one of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth.  If you haven’t paddled on Wellfleet Harbor then you really are missing out.  Wellfleet is also home to many beautiful ponds.  You can take your kayaks or paddle boards to Gull Pond and paddle through 3 ponds that are chained together by a small waterway.  If you choose Chequessett Neck, Indian Neck or Blackfish Creek you are sure not to be disappointed.  Please look at our kayak rental and SUP rental pricing.  We here at Provincetown Aquasports believe in quality, our quantity is matched with the best pricing.  At the end of every summer season Provincetown Aquasports goes through the rental inventory.  All of the rental inventory that is showing wear is sold.  This means that every year we buy new kayaks and paddle boards for rent.  Fresh, new or very lightly used equipment is all we have here at Provincetown Aquasports.  We have the best prices.  Check the other rental companies pricing and you will see the difference at Provincetown Aquasports.  Delivery rentals require a 1 day minimum.

There are 2 ways to rent a kayak or paddle board in Wellfleet from Provincetown Aquasports.

1.  Delivery service.  Call 508-413-9563 or click the “BOOK NOW” to make your reservation.  We will bring your kayak rental or SUP board rental to your location at the precise time you reserve.  Then we will return and pick up your rental at the specified time.  There is a minimum of a 1 full day rental for this service.  Delivery is an additional $20 in each direction for pick up and drop off.

2.  Bring your vehicle to Provincetown Aquasports.  Our experienced staff will load the SUP or kayak rental on your vehicle and secure properly.  Then you can drive to your favorite location and enjoy your rental craft.  There is no minimum for this rental.  We rent and sell straps here at the store.  You MUST have or rent straps for the kayak or paddle board transportation.  NO BUNGIE CORDS!

Recommended destinations to paddle in Wellfleet

Loagy Bay- Lieutenant Island             Blackfish Creek                   Silver Spring Harbor

Paddle board Loagy Bay Wellfleet Paddle board Blackfish Creek Wellfleet Paddle board Silver Spring Harbor Wellfleet